Organisms Diversity & Evolution 6 (2006)
Electronic Supplement 16

Nikolaus Malchus, Jose Maria Pons (eds):
Abstracts and Posters of the "International Congress on Bivalvia" at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, 22-27 July 2006

print version: Org. Divers. Evol. 6(4): 327. 2006 (announcement)

electr. suppl.:  Part 1. Malchus & Pons (eds.): International Congress on Bivalvia: Abstracts. pdf-format 1.3 MB
  Part 2 Altaba: Field Guide to Ebro River and Delta Bivalves. pdf-format 5.2 MB
  Part 3. Pons & Vicens: Field Guide to Pyrenean Rudist Bivalves. pdf-format 6.2 MB
  Poster as pdf-file:
  Aguilar, 2.2 MB
  Altaba & al._Glycymeris, 486 KB
  Altaba & al._Unio, 568 KB
  Aranishi & Okimoto, 719 KB
  Bataller & al._Dreissena, 1.9 MB
  Bataller & al._Unionid, 3.5 MB
  Bieler & Mikkelsen, 3.4 MB
  Carstensen & al., 4.2 MB
  Carter & al., 1.7 MB
  Chikhi & al., 4.2 MB
  Delvene & al., 4.3 MB
  Díaz & al., 196 KB
  Diz & Presa, 1.1 MB
  Doherty & al., 692 KB
  El-Hedeni, 3.6 MB
  Evseev & al., 3.5 MB
  Fernandez & al., 1.2 MB
  Francisco-Candeira & al., 304 KB
  García-March & Kersting, 4.4 MB
  García-March & al., 5 MB
  Génio & al., 1.1 MB
  Ghilardi & al., 2.9 MB
  Gosselin & al., 5.1 MB
  Hartmann & al., 4.2 MB
  Hautmann, 1.6 MB
  Herrmann & al._Fluorescent, 1.8 MB
  Herrmann & al._Sperm, 3.4 MB
  Higuera-Ruiz & Elorza, 5 MB
  Kappner & Bieler, 1.2 MB
  Kersting & al., 4.7 MB
  Knapp & al., 4.1 MB
  Koppka & al., 4.7 MB
  Linero-Arana & al., 290 KB
  Llavona & al., 235 KB
  López, G., 4.4 MB
  López, G. & al., 3.2 MB
  López, M. & al., 571 KB
  Malchus, 1.1 MB
  Malchus & al., 3.9 MB
  Matsukuma, 3.1 MB
  Peña & al., 240 KB
  Rico-García & al., 2 MB
  Rogalla & Amler, 4 MB
  Rogalla & Schniebs, 3.2 MB
  Ros & DeRenzi, 879 KB
  Saavedra & Peña_Pecten, 117 KB
  Schneider & Hochleitner, 1.3 MB
  Signorelli & Pastorino, 3.7 MB
  Sousa & al., 338 KB
  Steiner & al., 81 KB
  Vánegas-Espinosa & al., 128 KB
  Zajac & Zajac, 1.1 MB


This Organisms Diversity and Evolution electronic Supplement contains the abstracts of 130 short communications and keynote lectures, 52 posters, and two field guides presented during the "International Congress on Bivalvia" celebrated 22-27 July 2006 at the Faculty of Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ( ). The congress was organised by the "Departament de Geologia (Paleontologia)" with the collaboration of the "Museu de Ciencies Naturals", "Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries", and the "Museo de Ciencias" (CosmoCaixa - obra social). The meeting, attended by 103 participants from 26 countries, was inaugurated by Dra. Montserrat Pallarès, Vice-rector for research at the UAB, Dr. Esteve Cardellach, Head of the Geology Department, and the organisers Drs. Nikolaus Malchus and Jose Maria Pons.

The congress covered a wide range of biological and palaeontological bivalve-related themes featuring especially (i) population genetics and molecular phylogenetics, (ii) evolution of ontogeny, (iii) ecology and conservational biology of endangered freshwater bivalves, and (iv) evolutionary palaeontology. These topics were introduced by five keynote lectures: "The unusual system of mitochondrial inheritance in bivalves" by Eleftherios Zouros, "Evolution of molluscan ontogeny" by Gerhard Haszprunar, "Restauration of endangered freshwater bivalves in the United States" by Richard Neves, "Biomineralization of nacre in molluscs" by Antonio Checa, and "Paleontological perspectives on early bivalve evolution" by Joseph Carter. Complementary topics included biodiversity and classification, marine ecology and palaeoecology, and aquaculture and diseases. In addition, Joseph Carter and Roger Thomas organised and chaired the signal session for the complete revision of the bivalve volumes of the "Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology".

The presentations covered all major bivalve clades and provided, apart from many new evo-devo data, descriptions of new techniques (DNA extraction and amplification; monitoring of valve movements), computer-based analyses of (palaeo)geographic distributions and biodiversity, analysis of shell micro- and ultrastructures, shell geochemistry and stable isotopes, geometric morphometrics, to name just some. Two scientific excursions were organised, one to the lower Ebro river and its delta (guided by Cristian Altaba), the other to Cretaceous carbonate platforms in the Pyrenees with build-ups of now extinct rudist bivalves (guided by Jose Maria Pons and Enric Vicens). The participants could visit the new Museo de Ciencias of CosmoCaixa and the Museu de Ciencies Naturals (historical Zoology and Geology buildings) in Barcelona.

The organisers thank all the persons who helped before and during the congress.

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