Organisms Diversity & Evolution 3 (2003)
Electronic Supplement 14

Charles Oliver Coleman:
"Digital inking": how to make perfect line drawings on computers.

print version: Org. Divers. Evol. 3(4): 303 - 304. 2003 (abstract)
electr. suppl.: full article. pdf-format, 1.2 MB
Download lines-definitions for Adobe Illustrator v. 10.03. lines.aia, 20 KB


A fast and accurate way for making perfect scientific illustrations is described. A pencil drawing or a photo is scanned. The resulting file is imported into Adobe Illustrator and the line drawing is made using a WACOM Intuos digitiser board. After the habitus and detail drawings have been made, plates can be arranged using the same software. Lettering and arrows can be added very quickly. The plates can be exported as graphics files for printing or further manipulation.

Key words: methods, scientific illustrations, digital inking, computer

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